The Leadership Symposium
RothamSteD Research Centre for Research & Enterprise - Thursday 8th November 2018


Arrival - 10.00am

Paul Monk – Introduction and setting the scene

Jeremy Thompson – News review

Debbie Robinson – Thriving Independent Sector

Nick Claridge – Innovation in Talent Management

Kris Gibbon-Walsh – Learnings from an Emerging Leader

Christine Tacon – Regulating the retailers: How Collaboration and reward has changed the groceries sector

Douglas Lamont – Business as a force for good

Andrew Hawes – Newton’s USP

Rob Kelly – Changing Limiting Beliefs

Adam Leyland – Top New Talent Panel

Dave Lewis – Transformational Change – It’s Not Optional

Steve Barnes – GroceryAid and Close

Close - 4.30pm

Networking until 6.00pm